Critical Role Fan Animations [Spoilers!]
Critical Role Fan Animations [Spoilers!]

These are some of the fan animations I've created based on the Critical Role campaigns Vox Machina and The Mighty Nein. Do not watch if you are not caught up on either and care a lot about spoilers!

1. Yasha's Dream [Campaign 2, Ep98: 'Dark Waters']
2. A Bard's Last Wish [Campaign 1: One Shot, 'Dalen's Closet']
3. Fjord's Stand [Campaign 2, Ep98: 'Dark Waters']
4. A Monk's Training [original scene for practice]

These are shown from latest to oldest but I started doing these animations because I got so into the show I didn't think my still image fanart was good enough to depict what was going on in my head. At the same time, whilst I am enthusiastic about animation I am an absolute novice and do not have any experience in the industry so i wanted to practice with these. They are often rough round the edges, a lot of missing tweens, etc and in the older two I didn't even use audio at all.

After doing Fjord's Stand I realised I HAD to do audio as it was an integral part of these moment and I wanted to see if I do dialogue too. Basically I jumped in the deep end of animating and hoped I could come out the other end with a prize.

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