Critical Role - Vox Machina [Fanart]
Critical Role - Vox Machina [Fanart]

So I've been getting into Critical Role recently, watching almost all the one-shots first and some highlights on Youtube, which were all really cool. I'd been putting off watching Campaign 1 since there were so many episodes but now I'm making my way through that before going to Campaign 2 :D

Love the voice actors and their characters, Scanlan's my favourite alongside Grog (at least with what I know so far) I've created this poster of the characters, not everything they wear is completely accurate but it's been morphed into the style I normally use. I kinda want to create some keyframes of my favourite campaign moments but we'll see how much time I have and which ones to choose! I'm not that far into the actual campaign yet :D

Also, that's how my character sketches sometimes start out in black and white!

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