Spiderman 2149 - A New Origins
Spiderman 2149 - A New Origins

With the original character design set being so well received I decided to create some keyframes for the project too and what better way than the superhero staple, the origin story.

In Spiderman 2149, Peter Chao is a lowlife thief, a firefly in the neon swamp of New York. But he's always had ambition and in the end, there was only really one choice of target, Stark Industries. Having infiltrated he find himself in possession of an ultra high-tech weave known as monofilament. He is interrupted by the master thief, Black Cat, with whom he strikes up a partnership. They escape the Stark tower into the concrete jungle below.

Tony Stark, furious with the break-in, places a bounty on Peter who now finds himself the target of every cop, crook and bounty hunter in the city. In order to survive he infuses himself with the monofilament, becoming his new persona, Spiderman. With his newfound strength and the help of the Black Cat, he begins to fight back...

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