The Departed - Season 1: Small Beginnings Overview
The Departed - Season 1: Small Beginnings Overview

So I've been re-planning The Departed as an anime series, just because that's what I'd really love to do :D So the work here is the initial keyframe for each episode of season 1. I'm sure they'll change as I develop each episode properly but it's a start.

'Already on her journey to her homeland, Mimi makes new friends and old enemies as she reaches the Shadow-infested capital of the Eastern Grasslands. Together with her allies she must free the city to continue her journey.'

Next step will be to work on episode 1 keyframes to build up a pilot episode. :D I'm going to keep it as kind of open right now but maybe later on if I feel like the progress is good, I'd love to pitch to Netflix or something.

More artwork
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