ILM Art Department Challenge - The Job - Part 5 - Character Design
ILM Art Department Challenge - The Job - Part 5 - Character Design

Design, develop and present your character with images you feel best represents your skills. There is no minimum or maximum—just amazing. Based off the previous challenges you should know what to do.

Character Option
• Directors notes (Character option): This character is a young Danji warrior princess who has a keen sense for adventure and presence that is calm and powerful. Could she be a potential Jedi? Let’s call her Swana. She is known to be strong, lighting-quick, and beautiful.

Droid Option
• There is a droid that accompanies the Danji. Lets see some sketches of what that might be.
• Director's notes (Droid option): We need more toys. I’d like to see the equivalent of R2D2 but from the Danji side. Personality-wise he should be a bit “younger brother” always pestering R2, and later in the story they bond. I did this sketch at lunch with the producers. Have the guys interpret what they think it might be. Maybe start with this then do some others ideas.
• Lets call him DD-3.

More artwork
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