Spiderman 2149 - Fan Project
Spiderman 2149 - Fan Project

After finishing the Spider-Man PS4 game over Christmas (which is amazing by the way) I really felt the need to do a costume design of my own for it. For a while I just couldn't decide on design until I figured why not just my own spiderverse!
Spiderman 2149.

New York has become the cyberpunk dystopia megacity of the future. Corporations rule everything. The Fisk Conglomerate, Stark Industries and Oscorp all fight for chunks of the neon-light city.

A very clever young thief, Peter, has inflitrated Stark Industries, the premier weapons manufacturer in the western hemisphere and stolen a sample of the microfilament technology. On the run from Stark's Iron Men and Sable soldiers he is forced to augment his body with the technology, creating a new persona, Spiderman.

Now with an astronomical price on his head he is faced with every criminal and super villain in New York. But as evil dominates, heroes also rise to face the challenge.

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